Computex 2017 Day 1 – Cougar, Zotac, ASRock, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, MSI, Cybermods

First day of Computex is always a busy one (and tough). So here’s what we covered so far. Here are some of the highlights from Cougar, ZOTAC, ASRock, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, MSI, Gamdias, Cybermods. 



Zotac’s booth was a little different this year. Not many products on display, part from the usual GeForce GTX 1080/1080 Ti. 

There was one interesting product. It’s an external graphics dock and comes equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 connector. You can fit any ZOTAC mini graphics card series, including their GTX 1080 mini. Also on display was their GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Arctic Storm – with built-in GPU waterblock.

At this year’s computex 2017, Zotac hosted their Zotac Cup Masters – DOTA2 finals, with a host of eSports teams battling out for a grand prize of USD $100,000 !!



We missed Cougar last year … so we made sure we swung by, to take a look at what they’ve got on offer.

A couple of case mods, the usual gaming keyboard, mice and headsets. They did show-off their new chassis called the Conquer, which we thought was ok.



ASRock’s booth at this year’s Computex 2017 was much improved from last year. This time they have a lot of mods … Nice ones too, including a ship based around their “Super Carrier” motherboard. There’s also the Taichi mod, which we thought was pretty nice.

Apart from their new X299 boards … ASRock also seem to be focusing on mini PC’s and more mini ITX boards. They are the FIRST to come up with a X299 mini ITX motherboard.


Cooler Master

At this year’s Computex 2017, Cooler Master was celebrating their 25th Anniversary. On display was their latest Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Special Edition chassis, as well as their very own CPU waterblock, reservoir and pump combo. These new products were used in one of the mods (built by OZ Modz) during their live modding workshop and studio at the Cooler Master booth.

The Cooler Master booth was super busy and the crowds came from all over the world. We were honored to be guest hosting at the Cooler Master booth, especially with our new T-Shirts with our Funky Kit logo.

Check out the design by Le Funky on art wall and also OZ Mod’s completed mod on the Cosmos 25th Anniversary chassis … More.



Thermaltake’s booth have always been pretty grand at Computex, and this year … they unveiled their Level 20 chassis with tempered glass!

There were loads of mods being displayed … it’s absolutely mind-blowing. A couple of new products include their new RGB Riing fans with addressable LEDs, a new flow-meter, and couple of new chassis.



Another booth with little change from last year’s Computex. Nothing really new, part from some new X299 motherboards and couple of graphics cards.

The MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Lightning, which is touted to be the FASTEST ever 1080 Ti. What MSI have done, is to remove all safe guards and run the card beyond recommeded specifications. In other words, they’ve overclocked it, increased the voltages and tweaked the damn thing, so that it goes like a rocket!

Another interested product was a PCI interface card/adapter that allows you to install 2 x M.2/PCI Gen3 SSDs. 

And finally, a world’s first ever graphics card that outputs the video via USB-C cable! I like it!



Relatively new to the scene, Gamdias was at Computex 2017 displaying mostly gaming keyboards, mice and headsets. And oh … we saw gaming chairs from Gamdias with RGB!



This is Computex’s first ever major modding competition – Cybermods 24hrs. They teamed up with Cybermedia and all-in-all, they did a pretty good job.

The modding challenge was only for 24 hours, but there was a lot of hardware to be modded. It’s amazing to see such a massive interest for modding from people all around the world … well done, keep it going!


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