Computex 2023: Thermaltake Booth Coverage

On the 3rd day of Computex 2023, Thermaltake Mike F was kind enough join us as a special guest on Our Podcast Show. We also took some time to check out some of their latest products that were on display at their booth.




Thermaltake showed off their new CTE (Centralized Thermal Efficiency) series of chassis. CTE 500, CTE 750.


Power Supplies

We also saw some new ATX 3.0 power supplies (both full size ATX and SFF). Wow, the SSF/SFX power supplies are TINY … plus they now come in 1000W.


Cooling Solution

And of course, don’t forget those magnetic fans that they’ve promoting via social media. We also saw a wide range of DIY watercooling components that were on display too.



Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100

There were also some decents mods on display and don’t forget the Thermaltake CYCLEDESK 100 Smart Gaming Desk.

You can check out the article here … Back to TT x Computex Event – Thermaltake Bicycle Store.


Mods at Thermaltake



Funky Kit – Best Media Award

BTW … we were humbled to be awarded the “Best Media” award during our dinner party hosted by Thermaltake … Thanks Thermaltake!


Interview with Mike Fierheller

Product Manager at Thermaltake. We find out how Mike found his new love and passion for streaming, and how he use this to stay connected with his community during the Covid lockdowns. Mike also loves the outdoors and enjoy a wide variety of sports including surfing, diving, skateboarding, snowboarding and more.


Computex 2023 Coverage


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