The Funky Kit Show LIVE – With Sam Reynolds ( – Ep.125

Welcome to the Funky Kit Show. Watch our live stream broadcast recorded live on 1st February 2021 – The Funky Kit Show LIVE – With Sam Reynolds ( – Ep.125 … 5pm PST / 2am GMT /  9am SGT (+1 day). Available on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitch.

Confused about cryptocurrency? What to know more? Join us with Sam Reynolds who will be talking about cryptocurrency, blockchain, exchanges, wallets … do’s and don’t and more.


I am not a financial adviser nor am I giving financial advice. The information provided is from my own personal experience and does not represent past, present or future interactions with the financial institutions mentioned. 

Securities, annuities, insurance and other investments entail risks, are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental organisation, are not obligations of or guaranteed by the virtual banks mentioned or any of their affiliates, and may lose value, including the full amount invested.

Every investment is a risk! Always remember to only invest what you can and are willing to lose. I’m not a professional in crypto currency, nor am I giving you any proven professional advice. Invest at your own risk.



Agenda/Topics for 1st February 2021: 

1. News and Updates on Funky Kit and AMD3D
2. Special Guest – Sam Reynolds (
3. Rig Builder
4. Mods of the Week

*** Break ***

5. General chat / Cryptocurrency / Blockchain
6. Prize Giveaway Announcements !!
7. LIVE prize Giveaway
8. Next Week’s Preview



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