Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Test on Xbox and PC Will Begin February 7th

Let the battle begin! … Xbox and PC gamers will need to sign up and join the test.

You won’t have to wait until February 15th to see if Crackdown 3 is worth its protracted development process, although you might want to temper your expectations. Microsoft is launching a stress test for the game’s Wrecking Zone mode at 3PM Eastern on February 7th (installations are available at 12PM) to see how well its cloud-based destruction fares in real-world conditions. It’s “not a beta,” Microsoft emphasized — this is about collecting data and feedback based on a slice of the finished game. You’ll be limited to the Agent Hunter mode on one map, but there will be multiple play sessions, including two on the 7th and others on the weekend.

You’ll need to be an Xbox Insider on an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC to participate, although that only requires downloading the Xbox Insider Hub app, signing up and joining the test. Microsoft unsurprisingly wants as many people as it can handle. The larger the test, the better-prepared it will be when Crackdown 3 is available to everyone.

Source: Xbox Wire (1)(2) via Engadget


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