New Update For Stadia Adds 5.1 Surround Sound

April 17, 2020 0

This little unit is getting some surprising new features are time goes by … what’s next? Taken from Engadget … Google has rolled out some key new features for Stadia on the web to compliment

Blackmagic Pro Livestreaming Switcher

April 5, 2020 0

Live streamers will find this tool supremely useful …  Taken from Engadget  … If you’re devoted enough to livestreaming that you want the kind of features you’d expect from a TV studio, Blackmagic might have your

Eyesy Video Synthesizer Powered by Raspbery Pi

April 2, 2020 0

This is a pretty cool gadget … it converts sounds and audio into visually stunning video graphics. You can now become a VDJ 😛 Taken from Engadget … Critter & Guitari gave its Organelle music computer a

Plex Makes Live TV Free for Three Months

March 27, 2020 0

If you’re going stay in due to the COVID-19 crsis, you might as well make the best of it. Plex is offering their Live TV feature free to all users for three months through June

Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X

March 17, 2020 0

Woah 1TB SSD expansion card? … If that’s true, then it ain’t going to be cheap! Taken from Engadget … Microsoft only just revealed that the Xbox Series X will support “expansion cards” that allow for faster

Montblanc Wireless Headphones – Yours for $600

March 11, 2020 0

It looks like designer brands are getting into the wireless audio space. These wireless headphones from Montblanc will cost you $600 … and if you pair it with their newest Summit2+ smartwatch, it’ll set you

Google Stadia is Planning to Stream 4K

March 6, 2020 0

Are you one of those lucky (or unfortunate) people who owns a Google Stadia?  Well, prepare yourself for some 4K streaming! Taken from Engadget … Google is finally fulfilling a key promise for Stadia by rolling

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