Large numbers of Destiny 2 players on PC are getting banned.

Third party overlay apps could be to blame.

The PC version of Bungie’s popular shooter released yesterday to general praise but many players are claiming they’ve been permanently banned from the game due to having third-party overlays running in the background, apps like Fraps, Discord and even Nvidia’s own screen recording software Shadow Play have been reported to cause players to be banned.

Bungie has claimed that although third-party overlays will not work in the game they won’t ban players for having them running in the background.

At the time of writing Bungie has not made an official statement as to what is causing the bans.

It is recommended that PC players exit out of any programs that run in the background ( MSI Afterburner, Discord, ect) while playing Destiny 2 on PC to avoid a permanent ban.

It has also been reported that banned players are unable to get their accounts back but some have received refunds by contacting support.


Will you still be playing Destiny 2 on PC or will you wait until Bungie patches this issue? Let us know in the comments and keep it here for all things gaming and tech.



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