Drocon Bugs 3 Quadcopter Drone Review

Three Reasons to Choose DROCON Bugs 3: Flight Time, Range and Power

If you are looking for a drone that does it all… better… lasting longer, flying faster (with more control)… and filming in gorgeous HD the entire time*… DROCON Bugs 3 delivers!

Thanks to powerful, ultra efficient brushless motors (the Rolls-Royce of drone engines), Bugs 3 can launch towards the stratosphere at a breakneck pace… or calmly hover at a stable height for the perfect shot.

Beginners will find Bugs 3 easy to manage and will quickly improve their skills. Plus the responsive controls and large flight distance make it a difficult drone to lose.

True experts can push their talents to the limit… leaving spectators stunned… with full throttle flips, dives and other jaw dropping maneuvers. (Bugs 3 can even be customized by technical experts and veterans.)


The Bugs 3 drone is ready to go right out of the box. No technical or tedious setup required. Just turn on the controller… plug-in the battery… and fly.

*Bugs 3 drone carries all popular HD/4k action cameras like GoPro Hero etc. Action camera not included.

I would like to thank Drocon for the review sample! You can buy the Drocon Bugs 3 Drone from Amazon for only USD $120 – http://amzn.to/2gYGbIK

Now lets move on to the Features and Specs!


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