Jeep All-Terrain e-Bike is Now Available For Pre-order at $5,899

I didn’t know you can get e-bike from Jeep … but now you can for a measly USD $5,899.

Taken from Electrek … Jeep is the latest car company trying to cash in on booming electric bicycle sales by bringing a Jeep e-bike to market. The company has just announced that pre-orders are going live today for the Jeep electric bicycle. But wait until you see the price.

Jeep is asking for a whopping $5,899 for its fat tire, all-terrain electric bicycle.

To put that in perspective, other popular fat tire electric bikes such as the RadRover from Rad Power Bikes retail for around a quarter of that price.

Of course the Jeep electric bicycle is a lot more e-bike than most others, to be fair.

Marketed under a partnership with North American company QuietKat, the Jeep e-bike puts out an astounding 160 Nm (118 lb-ft) of torque, thanks to its massively powerful Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor.

That motor is well known to put out over 1.5kW of power, though QuietKat and Jeep market the e-bike as providing 750W of power. They could be detuning the motor, or more likely using a lower figure to avoid running afoul of e-bike regulations in many US states that limit power to 750W.

Source: Electrek, Jeep


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