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Imperial AT-AT case mod by ASPHIAX from The Netherlands. An Intel based system using a Zotac Z68 mITX motherboard. Features a custom modified case and paint-job, as well as a fully customized watercooling system.

Name of Modder: ASPHIAX

Name of the Mod: IMPERIAL AT-AT

Location: Boxtel, The Netherlands

Submitted: Feb 2013


  • HASBRO Imperial AT-AT toy
  • Styrene sheets
  • 1.5mm Aluminum sheets
  • ZOTAX Z68 Mini ITX
  • Intel Core i7 2600K
  • 8Gb Vengeance 1600 DDR3
  • Crucial 64Gb SSD
  • 1000W Coolermaster Slient Gold PSU
  • Koolance CPU-370 waterblock
  • Alphacool kape Fuzion reservoir
  • Watercool heatkiller NSB rev3.0
  • Koolance MVR40 waterblock
  • XSPC pump
  • Tygon 1/2 and 3/8 tube
  • Bitspower fittings
  • AC ryan radgrills
  • 2x EKWB 240 radiators
  • Programmable Arduino microprocessor connected to the USB port
  • 2x 5mW red laser module with adjustable lense
  • Home made PCB for led, laser and remote control through TSOP 1838
  • Remote control of a Kian HDMI switcher



The IMPERIAL AT-AT has always been one of my favorite models from the Star Wars Saga. The Idea of a walking tank just blew my mind and I always rewinded (yes this was in the VHS time) the tape back to see the Hoth scenes over and over again. Once i saw the HASBRO AT-AT toy through a link on facebook I immediately knew. I had to build a PC in there. The only problem was that the toy was not sold in europe. So i had to import it which was very very costly.

Normally I like to plan out something I am doing or building but with this one, not knowing how it was fabricated or how the internal structure would look like, it was 100% improvisation. Once the toy was delivered it took about a week of carefull examination and design work to see how everything would fit and even then it threw me a couple of curveballs.

I had only 3 design principles. 1: No cables or connectors visible, 2 : The exterior should stay untouched (no fan holes or stuff like that), 3 : Full featured watercooled pc with a discrete graphics card capable of playing the latest games.

I guess the biggest challenge was getting everything to fit all the wiring and tubing within the legs of the toy. They were hollow but i could not cut to much into it as it had to support all the hardware in the main body. Next to the cables that connect the internal hardware I also had to route the HDMI, Network and USB cables through them.

The whole build took 3 full weeks in a period of 6 weeks. The delay was primarily due to having ot order new small parts like watercooling fittings as I changed the layout a couple of times to make it fit better within the design.

During the build of the EURISKO I tought myself a little electronics. I used the knowledge I agined from that build to design and install the 5mW lasers in the AT-AT. I kept the wattage down cause of the obvious dangers to peoples eyes but they are still good visible in the dark. I dont want to shoot someones eyes out at a LAN party!

I really enjoyed working on this build as it combines two of my favorite things: SCIFI and LiquidCooled Computers !

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