Project: Ice Stream 2 by FUNKYKIT

Final Words


Overall, I’ve very happy with the finished build … everything went as planned and we didn’t encounter any real issues at all.


Before we even started the build, we spent 5 hours (the day before) doing the pre-build which included …

  • Bending the hard tubes
  • Cutting the hard tubes
  • Measuring the positions
  • Preparing the fittings
  • Working out the cabling



We spent an additional 2 hours, on the day of the live broadcast to complete the build. These included …

  • Hard Tube mounting
  • Motherboard mounting
  • Power Supply Mounting
  • Cabling
  • Boot Test
  • Coolant Bleeding


I love the super low temps on the Core i5-6600K CPU … 28 degrees Celsius! I’ll be tweaking the BIOS over the next few days to get the best overclock and memory speeds. Let’s see how far I can push it!


Thanks to all our sponsors for making this happen. We will have full benchmarks and scores in the coming days.


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