Project Phantom Gaming X – Full Build Log & Video

It’s coming towards the end of the year 2019, and this is when our Funky Kit Team gets a little busy. And what better to keep those itchy fingers occupied with our latest PC build … Project Phantom Gaming X.

ASRock wanted us to build a PC gaming system based on their Phantom Gaming theme, so when we received their request, we were more than happy to oblige. 



What to know more about Phantom Gaming brand? Here’s a little blurb taken from their website.

Phantom Gaming (PG) is a brand new gaming product line of ASRock, aiming to provide top of the gaming product line to gamers, professionals, and PC enthusiasts.

Phantom Gaming is dedicated to developing the gaming products combine the necessity of performance, quality, stability, compatibility and durability with unique design. The design of exterior, feature, technology, and material is based on Phantom Gaming philosophy, which is “Fast, Mysterious, and Unbeatable.” Every Phantom Gaming product needs to be validated beyond the industry standard, to ensure the product is able to meet the ruthless challenge from the user.

Meanwhile, Phantom Gaming works closely with the partners to fine-tune the products, and to ensure every product can deliver outstanding gaming experience.

Since we didn’t use any DIY watercooling, the whole system took us only couple of hours. It goes to show that, building a top-end gaming system doesn’t need to be complicated. 

A big thanks to all our sponsors and our very own Team Funky Kit. Here are some of the components we used, all of which can be purchased via the Amazon links …


Components used

In our next few pages will include a product introduction of all the components used, with photos and links to the our reviews (if any).


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