Project Radeonic Phantom Striker – Full Build Log and Video

Yes, it’s the end of the year 2020 (thank God!) and to celebrate the coming year 2021, our Funky Kit Team have decided it’s time to build yet another PC project … Project Radeonic Phantom Striker.

I would like to say a BIG thank you to our sponsors Antec, ASRock and XPG for making this happen, and of course our very own Funky Kit team. Thank you!

This year (2020) has been particularly tough on all of us … the pandemic, the protests, the lockdowns, and especially to those who have lost loved ones. I would like to dedicate this PC build, to all those millions of people who’s been affected one way or another. Be strong and stay safe … and I thank you for your continued support over the years.


Components used


Here’s a nice group photo of all the components used. A big thanks goes out to our sponsors … Antec, ASRock and XPG.



If you want to see how we put all these components together … jump straight to Page 6 for our installation and setup page (with VIDEO) 😛


Quick Page Reference

  1. Introduction
  2. ASRock Phantom Gaming B550 ITX Motherboard & Radeon Graphics Card
  3. Antec Katana Memory & XPG Gammix S50 SSD 
  4. Antec Prizm fans, High Current Gamer 850W & Neptune 240 AIO
  5. Antec X Phantom Gaming Striker ITX Chassis & SD Gundam EX figurine
  6. Installation and Setup (with VIDEO)
  7. Post Installation and Final Check
  8. System Information and Temperatures
  9. Final Finished Product & Photo Gallery


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