Project: Red Iron (Build Log – Part 3)

Wet testing

It was time to do a wet test on the Bitspower loop to flush out any gunk and check for any leaks.


This is the 24-pin PSU jumper which I used to short the V650 so that it would power up the Bitspower pump.


I removed one of the stop fittings on the top of the reservoir and inserted a compression fitting with an extended bit of tubing. This allow me to fill up the reservoir with some distance to all the electrical components.


N00b error here. I hadn’t screwed the reservoir up tightly, and the only small leak I had was from the reservoir. So after a quick power off and draining of the loop, I tightened up the top and bottom for the reservoir, that’s why if you compare the above shot of the top of the reservoir, the inlet has rotated to a different position.


Lots of gunk flying around in there. Took several flushed with distilled water to get it all out.

I had to tip the whole system upside down for about 40-50 times to get all the air pockets and prime the pump. Whenever there was any rattling noise from inside the pump, I had to turn the system in all orientations to get those tiny air bubbles out.

The system was left running overnight, with lots of towels everywhere in case of further leaks.


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