Project Yuno Gasai – By Funky Kit

Our Project Yuno Gasai is now complete. Thanks to Corsair, Bitspower and Adata. Check out the videos, the build log and photos below.

I always wanted to build a pink system. Yes, it’s not to everyone’s tastes … but I like it! And to make it even more shocking to the eye … how about adding a little blue opaque coolant hahaha 😀 



Previously about a month ago, the internal of the chassis was painted white in preparation for the installation of the PC components. We later installed motherboard as shown below, along with the CPU waterblock, ram and M.2 SSD, as well as the 240mm radiator, PSU, and pump.

The side panels were also prepared and spray painted PINK! On one of the metal side panels, we cut 3 hexagonal template/shapes which will be ready for the Bitspower hexagonal reservoirs. 

After all the paint spraying has been done (allow time to dry), time to test fit and put all the panels in place, to check for measurement and any make any adjustments. Looking good so far! 🙂

Next, we fit in the rest of the water cooling components from Bitspower. See next page.


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