Hyper Updates HyperDrive DUO 7-in-2 USB-C Hub

New and Improved USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro/Air now features 4K60Hz HDMI and new magnetic grip which secures hub better on MacBook.

Remove grip to use with any MacBook protective case. Additional USB-C extension cable lets hub work with any USB-C device.

HYPER by Sanho Corporation – makers of the World’s First USB-C Hub with dual USB-C connectors and 7 ports (HDMI, 2 x USB-C, 2 x USB-A, MicroSD/SD) for the MacBook Pro/Air and the World’s Most Crowdfunded USB-C/MacBook accessory – today announce a major update to the original 2016 design.

Like the other successful HyperDrive USB-C Hub for iPad Pro, the new HyperDrive DUO for MacBook Pro/Air now supports 4K60Hz HDMI HDR video output as well as a grip that ensures that the USB-C Hub stays tight and secure on the MacBook Pro/Air no matter the number of connections.

Using a MacBook case? Simply remove the magnetic grip to extend the dual USB-C connectors to fit any MacBook Pro/Air with a protective case.

There is also a USB-C extension cable to allow the HyperDrive DUO to work with any single connector USB-C device. A vegan leather pouch is provided to safely hold the hub and accessories in one place. 



Updated from the original 2016 World’s First USB-C hub for the MacBook Pro/Air which is also currently the Most Crowdfunded USB-C/MacBook accessory.

  • Now supports 4K60Hz HDMI HDR video output (was previously 4K30Hz)
  • New grip to tightly secure hub on MacBook Pro/Air
  • Magnetic grip can be easily removed to extend dual USB-C connectors to work with MacBook Pro/Air with protective cases
  • Extension cable to allow the hub to work with any USB-C device, not just MacBook.
  • Free vegan leather pouch to hold USB-C hub, grip, and extension cable
  • Turns 2 x USB-C on MacBook Pro/Air into 7 ports (HDMI 4K60Hz, USB-C 40Gbps 100W Power Delivery, USB-C 5Gbps 60W Power Delivery, 2 x USB-A 5Gbps, MicroSD/SD 3.0 UHS-I 104MB/s).


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