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After our last look the the Unblock Tech IPTV box, our FunkKit website has had a constant stream go hits to the article, so I thought it was a good time to update you all on whats all been happening.

Since February the servers for Unblock Tech has gone through several phases of maintenance, and to go along with this, the UBTV app has also been updated several times. With these updates came a stream of changes to what you get from the Unblock Tech box with some streams connecting faster, whilst other channels have been removed or doesn’t want to stream at all.

I have from a reliable source that the ‘Test’ app (the one with the hammer and wrench icon) doesn’t work anymore, even though the icon is still there. Apparently the test app required you to enter a passcode, and once done you had pages upon pages of software and hardcore porn……


Once all the updates have been done, you’ll now find that the UBTV app icon has an updated look, and whilst before you had a separate Chinese and an English version of the app, now the Chinese one seems to open the English one instead. On opening the app you are now faced with 4 big icons:


The icons will stay like this for a few good seconds before the icon graphics actually load up:



The top left blue icon is the main UBTV live streaming app, whilst the other 3 are the free streaming apps that are bundled with nearly all Chinese IPTV setup boxes, which caters mainly for Chinese viewers containing mostly Chinese channels.

To be honest, the live streaming of the UBTV app has been hit and miss in the last month, with servers down for several days at a time. When we do get it working the Unblock Tech box still works without much hassle, allowing me to watch the latest live football matches from most of the countries in Europe, the odd documentaries and the local Hong Kong news.

Most users have also installed Kodi onto their IPTV boxes, allowing more flexibility for when the servers go down. Buy now at Amazon – https://goo.gl/MeeHvr

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