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Star Wars fans will love this … but the guy who wrote this isn’t a Star Wars fan!

I’m no Star Wars fan, but when Razer issued a press release a week ago announcing its Stormtrooper edition keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat, I couldn’t resist them. That timeless black-and-white aesthetic just speaks to me, so I had to see and try the trifecta for myself. It’s made up of the $99.99 BlackWidow Lite Silent mechanical keyboard, the $59.99 Atheris wireless mouse, and $34.99 Goliathus extended gaming mouse mat. The keyboard and mouse are $10 more expensive than their generic Razer counterparts, whereas the Goliathus pad is the same price as the company’s other extended mats.

Let’s talk cosmetic appearance first since that’s the reason you’d care to pay the extra cost of these Stormtrooper editions. I think the entire set looks fantastic. The graduating stripes on the mat and the keyboard complement each other beautifully when they’re together, and they still look great when the two are apart. Razer even has a black-and-white braided cable for the keyboard. If you get a set of Focal Clear headphones and a snow-white PC case (mine is a Lian-Li PC-011), you can make a whole lot of visual synergy happen. Come to think of it, my LG 4K monitor is also white, so maybe I already have a thing for the (absence of) color.

Source: TheVerge


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