Revolutionary Code Free IoT Platform Taps Kickstarter for Funding


WiFithing launches Kickstarter campaign at CES 2016 to bring a revolutionary code free Internet of Things platform to your home or workplace




CES, Las Vegas, NV, USA & London, UK – 6 January 2016

A revolutionary code free Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which makes it possible for anyone to connect smart devices in any way they like, is launching its Kickstarter campaign today at CES 2016, Las Vegas, in a bid to raise a minimum of £25,000.

UK startup WiFithing is debuting an open source IoT solution, WiFithing, to enable users to set up simple or complex relationships between smart devices in their home or workplace. WiFithing can monitor any sensor and control any electronically operated device without the need to write any software.

The securely encrypted WiFithing will launch with 50 pre-written applications such as setting up zone controlled heating, opening gates or counting the number of store visitors. Butits easy to use website and open API means enthusiasts and experts can design and start their very own smart device connections in less than 10 minutes.

Manufactured in the UK, WiFithing works straight out of the box as a complete software and hardware package with no programming skills required. Setting up the WiFithing device automatically builds a bespoke website for each user, which allows for simple “drop downs” to create their smart combinations. WiFithing and all connected ‘slave’ devices can then be controlled via a personal control panel on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

“WiFithing is very easy to use with virtually no limits for customization. It can be a finished product for some users or the starting point for ambitious development of others” says co-founder, Edward Forwood. “With WiFithing we look to become the IoT platform of choice for enthusiasts and experts alike, so we call on Kickstarter backers to help us move forward beyond our final phase of development.”

WiFithing is the brainchild of two college friends, former magic circle technology lawyer David Griffiths and technology investor and entrepreneur Edward Forwood, who co-founded email archiving software company, KVS, which was sold for $225m in 2004.

For full campaign details go to WiFithing on Kickstarter.

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