XPG’s Concept Mouse has a built-in SSD

Apparently, you can store your games on it.

It kinda makes a lot of sense, and it’s a brilliant idea. We carry our mouse every where we go, so why not turn it in to a portable storage device!

Taken from Engadget … Have you ever looked at your mouse and thought “it’s fine, but kind of a big fat waste of space?” Gaming accessory company XPG apparently did, because it’s just unveiled a concept mouse for CES 2022 with a built-in high-speed SSD drive stuffed inside, Digital Trends has reported. 

The XPG Vault Gaming Mouse is a wired USB-C mouse that the company calls a “gaming library in the palm of your hand.” The prototype model supports up to 1TB of memory that can run at a surprisingly fast 985 MB/s. The storage can be controlled by XPG’s gaming software app. “Gaming Launcher software… promises to make your gaming libraries conveniently portable and [add] a higher level of game integration with XPG Prime Software Ecosystem,” the company said.

It looks like a pretty normal mouse, though it’d require a pretty stout USB-C cable to support those kind of speeds. It’s not the worst idea we’ve heard, because it gives you some high-speed storage while freeing up a USB slot that’d normally be taken by a wired mouse. XPG didn’t mention the mouse’s DPI or any other gaming specs. 

Source: Engadget


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