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Alphacool Unveils New Core Flat Reservoirs

The Alphacool Core Flat Reservoir not only looks sleek with its aRGB lighting, but also offers flexibility with a total of 5 connections. The reservoir is made entirely of acrylic. The installation of a D5 or VPP pump is required for operation. Due to its flat design, the Core Flat Reservoir also fits in small cases.

Core Design
A key element of Alphacool’s Core Design series are the chrome-plated G1/4″ connections made of brass. In the Core Flat Reservoir, the connections are recessed rather than screwed into a thread, bypassing the problem of possible leaks due to cracking from the direct screwing of the connections into the acrylic. The connections are in two parts, fitted with an O-ring and counter each other when mounted in the acrylic. This not only ensures absolute sealing of each connection, but also allows for the clear and functional appearance of the Alphacool Core Design series.

Easy installation
With the included Core Push Mounting kit, the Core Flat Reservoir can be mounted on the case panel or on a radiator. The metal pins are attached to the radiator or case panel and the matching female sleeves are attached to the Flat Reservoir (see manual). In the next installation step, the Flat Reservoir is simply and tool-free pushed onto the pins. Alphacool’s Push-Mounting allows for a secure fit of the reservoir on the case panel or on the radiator and allows for easy disassembly for maintenance or expansion projects.Gamechanger
The Core Flat Reservoir is offered as a 240 mm or 360 mm version, with right positioning of the pump top. This makes the reservoir ideal for custom water loops. An additional drain port is located on the side, allowing for easy and uncomplicated draining of the Flat Reservoir.

High-quality material selection & brilliant lighting
Alphacool’s Core Flat Reservoir is made of high-quality acrylic glass, allowing for an unobstructed view of the coolant and brilliant illumination by the built-in digital addressable aRGB LEDs. The lighting can be controlled via a digital aRGB header on the motherboard or optionally through Alphacool’s Aurora Eiscontrol aRGB controller (item number: 15360).

Technical data

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 360,00 x 125,00 x 45,14 mm; 240,00 x 125,00 x 45,00 mm
  • Volume (reservoir) 500ml; 270ml
  • Material Acryl
  • Pump compatibility D5/VPP
  • Threads 5x G1/4″ inner thread / 1x drain port
  • Maximum working temperature 60 °C
  • Pressure tested 0,8 Bar
  • Quantity digital aRGB LEDs 17
  • Voltage digital aRGB LEDs 5 V
  • Power connection digital aRGB LEDs 3-Pin JST + 3-Pin 5 V
  • Color transparent

Source: Alphacool

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