FinalWire Updates AIDA64 to v5.98

If anyone is in to benchmarking … well, FinalWire has just released the latest updates to AIDA64.

FinalWire today released updates to AIDA64. The new version 5.98 of AIDA64 comes with support for Windows 10 October 2018 Update, which includes the ability to tell its various software components. The suite also introduces a new VAES-optimized AES benchmark. This 64-bit multi-threaded CPU benchmark can take advantage of the VAES instruction-set of upcoming “Ice Lake” processors. It also introduces improvements to its AMD platform hardware detection modules, in being able to tell AMD 400-series chipsets such as B450 and X470 apart from their predecessors; and details of AMD “Zen+” processor integrated northbridge. 

Among the other new hardware devices supported are Multi-threaded OpenCL GPGPU benchmarks, graphics processor, OpenGL and GPGPU details, temperature and cooling fan monitoring for the latest GPUs: AMD Radeon RX 560DX, Radeon RX 560X, Radeon RX 560X Mobile, Radeon RX 570X, Radeon RX 580X; nVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 Series, Quadro P3200, Quadro P4200. Vulkan 1.1 graphics accelerator diagnostics for AMD, Intel and nVIDIA GPUs. EVGA Z10 and Matrix Orbital EVE LCD support. Matrix Orbital OK OLED display support.

DOWNLOAD: FinalWire AIDA64 v5.98

The change-log follows.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update support
  • VAES optimized AES benchmark
  • EVGA Z10 LCD support
  • Improved support for ARM64 systems
  • Thermaltake Riing Plus sensor support
  • Improvements for AMD B450 and X470 chipset based motherboards
  • Support for Matrix Orbital EVE LCD displays and OK OLED displays
  • GPU details for AMD Radeon RX 560X, Radeon RX 570X, Radeon RX 580X
  • GPU details for nVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 Series


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