Go into battle with thousands worldwide in ‘Order & Chaos Online’

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“Order & Chaos Online” is a real-time, 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that has just arrived in the Windows Store and has been re-launched as free-to-play with multi-player support in the Windows Phone Store.

FH Order-Chaos-Online-640x360

 Explore a vast fantasy world with thousands of players and make friends (or enemies), or engage in challenges and trades. You can choose to be one of five races: two fight for Order (Elves and Humans), two fight for Chaos (Orcs and Undead) and one, Mendels, are neutral. Customize even further by choosing your gender, appearance, class and talent, with more than 1,000 skills and 3,000 pieces of equipment. Ride into more than 1,200 quests on Lions, Stags, Bears and more.

Install “Order & Chaos Online” for free from the Windows Store and Window Phone Store.




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