Why Should You Learn python? What Are the Top 10 Reasons to Learn Python?

Python is one of the programming languages which is very simple. It has a simple code and resembles the English language. People can learn it easily because of its simple syntax and portability. Python is also known as the language for Computer Science with its speed and flexibility. According to Google Trends, it is surpassing other languages.


Why you should learn Python

Python is programming as well as a scripting language. Demand for python developers is never ending as it is continuously increasing. Here are 10 reasons why you should learn python and best course to learn python which awards certificate too.

1. Simple and Easy

Python is simple, free and open source language with readable and elegant code. Unlike other programming languages, it has simple syntax and portability which make it beginner friendly. It can be your starting point into the programming. After learning the Python language, you can easily learn other languages as it is one of the basic languages.

2. High Salaries

Python is growing very fast and you should learn a growing programming language if you are just starting your programming career. In engineering, Python engineers have some of the highest salaries in the industry. The average Python Developer salary in the United States is approximately $116,028 per year.

Python & Ruby developers earn second highest, next to Swift language. According to Google trends, python is surpassing many programming languages.

3. Web Development

Web development with python offers lots of choices as it has an array of frameworks for developing websites. Python has been used to create a variety of web-frameworks including CherryPy, Django, TurboGears, Bottle, Flask etc. These frameworks provide standard libraries and modules which simplify tasks related to content management, interaction with database and interfacing with different internet protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, XML-RPC, FTP, and POP.

Plone, a content management system; ERP5, an open source ERP which is used in aerospace, apparel, and banking; Odoo – a consolidated suite of business applications; and Google App engine are a few of the popular web applications based on Python language.

Majority of websites run on PHP, many new web applications are being built using Python. If you’re doing any web application development, try Python and thanks me later.

4. Artificial Intelligence

AI is disrupting in every field. By using artificial intelligence, you can make machines which mimic human brain by having the power of thinking, analyzing and making decisions and get better with every passing moment.

In previous years, researchers were using the MATLAB language for scientific research. After the release of Python numerical computation engines such as Numpy and SciPy, many complex computations could be done by a single “import” statement followed by a function call. Due to this functionality, python is now the preferred language for scientific research.

5. Machine Learning

Python is also dominating machine learning gradually due to machine learning functionality delivered by Sci-kit-learn, Keras, and TensorFlow libraries. It gives the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. OpenCV library helps in computer vision and image recognition.

If you are interested in scientific research and machine learning, you should learn python because it is one of the essentials.

6. Data Science

One of the biggest reasons why people are learning python in 2019 is data Science. Collecting data only is fruitless, you need to analyze big data which is possible due to python. Different packages like SciPy, Pandas, and IPython is used for numerical analysis as well as building a prediction system which can tell us in advance what will be the best prediction. If you are interested in becoming a Data Scientist in 2019 and looking for pointers, I suggest you check out live training on Python programming which awards certificate too on completion.

7. Games Development

Game developers are continuously making new games using python. Python consists of many modules, libraries, and frameworks that support the development of games. For example, PySoy is a 3D game engine supporting Python 3, and PyGame provides functionality and a library for game development. There have been numerous games built using Python including Civilization-IV, Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike etc.

8. Automation

The 21st century is the era of Automation. Python is a scripting language which you can use for automation ranging from small tasks to large. One of the simplest tasks you can do with python is you can create bots which can follow, unfollow other people. You can perform complex tasks on automation using python.

9. Language of Big Corporates

Everyone has a dream to work for tech giants like Google or Facebook? Python could help you get a job in these as well as other corporates. Many big names such as Youtube, Yahoo, IBM, Nokia, Disney, NASA, Mozilla, Dropbox, Quora, Mozilla, Instagram, and many others rely on python for many purposes and are constantly looking for expert Python developers.

10. Huge Community

When you are learning a new technology, you always require help. Thanks to the biggest python community which will help you in any problem. Whenever you are stuck, just google it or take help of the StackOverflow community which has a large group of python experts ready to answer newbies questions.


Python, a Multifunctional Swiss Knife

  • Python is one of the highest paying jobs on our planet and demand of python developers is continuously increasing.
  • It is a simple language as compared to other programming languages so it is beginner friendly.
  • Python programming language is used for web development and google engine is based on python.
  • It is opening new doors in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, and Scientific Computing.
  • It is a Free and open source language with a large collection of libraries and frameworks.
  • Many developers are using Python to build productivity tools, games as it is easy and flexible as compared to other languages.
  • You can use it to develop a wide range of applications including those intended for image processing, text processing, web, and enterprise level using scientific, numeric ways.
  • Lastly, it is the language of choice for many corporates including Uber, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Slack, and Youtube.


How to Learn Python?

I know you are eager to learn python to secure a good job. According to the Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) Index by Github, Python is the most popular programming language in 2018, increasing in popularity by 13.2 percent over the past five years, surpassing Java, Javascript, and PHP.

The best place to learn python is https://www.knowledgehut.com which provides live training of Python programming and on completion also awards certificate which is extremely helpful in getting a job from big companies.


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