Wing Commander sequel – EVE: Valkyrie out in 2014

eve val

It looks to be an epic release when it does come out in 2014 … EVE: Valkyrie will probably be the biggest release of the year. We shall have to wait and see …



“We’ve been waiting for a proper Wing Commander successor for ages and it looks like EVE: Valkyrie could be it — if you don’t count Star Citizen, that is. What was originally demoed as EVR back at EVE Fanfest and on the Oculus Rift HD at E3 is now a multiplayer space dogfighter set within developer CCP’s longstanding EVE Online universe. Details are as scarce as Megacyte, but, according to the Icelandic dev, it’s coming out in 2014.”



Source: Eve Valkyrie (official) via Engadget

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