AirPods Pro now costs $169 for Black Friday

More great deals this Black Friday … The Apple Airpods Pro is now only USD $169! I don’t often recommend Apple products or accessories, but I’m using these Apple Airpods Pro and they are seriously good. I highly recommend them for sure.

Taken from Engadget …This might be the AirPods Pro deal to snag for Black Friday this year — and we still have a few more days before Black Friday actually arrives. Walmart and Amazon currently have the AirPods Pro for $169, which is a new record low. They’ve dropped to $194 before (and even a bit lower on websites like Woot), but this is the best price we’ve seen them by far.

AirPods Pro are the best choice of wireless earbuds for those steeped in Apple’s ecosystem. They have the same H1 chip inside of them that the standard AirPods use, which helps them quickly pair and switch between iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. They also support wireless charging — a feature you can only get with standard AirPods if you buy the wireless-charging case.

But the AirPods Pro take the sound and fit of AirPods to the next level. Unlike Apple’s standard wireless buds, the AirPods Pro have interchangeable ear tips that help you get a better, more secure fit for your ear shape. That means they won’t pop out easily, and their IPX4-rated design means they’ll withstand contact with sweat better if you use them while working out. They also have the best sound quality of any AirPods, and their active noise-cancellation is great as well. You’ll be able to shut out the noise around you while wearing AirPods Pro, and

Source: Engadget


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