B&O PLAY BEOPLAY E8 Wireless Earbuds Reviewed

Price shouldn’t put you off! Well at USD $300 a pair … I’m sure it’ll be worth it 😛

My hope when I stuck the $300 Beoplay E8s into my ears for the first time was that they’d immediately stand out as the best truly wireless earbuds I’d ever tried. For that kind of money, and with B&O Play’s strong reputation, why shouldn’t they? At well over $100 more than Apple’s AirPods, earbuds that are this expensive should ace all the critical criteria for this still-new category. They should have a good, comfortable fit without any risk of coming loose. They should sound excellent. They should offer strong battery life and a reliable connection between the left and right buds. Above all else, they should deliver that sense of gadget magic that comes from listening to earphones with no connecting cord in between them. Not everyone has an iPhone; plenty of people still haven’t experienced that wow factor.

Unfortunately, the Beoplay E8 earbuds don’t check off every box. They’ve got the best fit and seal I’ve ever experienced, but that can vary person to person. They deliver refined, smooth sound, and they’re at par with the competition when it comes to battery life. But intermittent dropouts in the left earbud and other playback bugs were enough for me to ultimately return the pair I’d purchased.

In that respect, even the $300 E8s still feel like early, not-quite-there truly wireless earbuds and come with the pitfalls shared by the rest of the competition. I’ve tried several of these now, from the Bose SoundSport Free to Sony’s noise-cancelling buds, and none except for the AirPods can provide a listening experience that’s completely free of interruptions. It’s a shame, because everywhere else, the B&O Play E8 earbuds are so close to what I want.

Source: The Verge

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