BOE Announce the World’s First 27-inch FullHD 500Hz Gaming Monitor

What? a 500Hz gaming monitor? Are we overclocking monitors now lol!  I don’t think your eyes would notice the difference 😀

Taken from Videocardz … BOE is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD, LED, and OLED panels. The company has manufacturing facilities scattered in China and as many as 19 research and development centers in 19 other countires. Yesterday the company announced it made a breakthrough in overcoming a 500Hz+ refresh rate with their latest display panel. This 27-inch FullHD gaming panel is to feature an 8-lane eDP connection, 1 ms response time, and true 8-bit color gamut support.

The FullHD resolution is slowly becoming a relict of the past, in fact, even most 2021+ high-end gaming laptops are now 1440p+. Most PC gamers would rather see much faster 1440p panels at this point, however fast 1080p panels are still used in high competitive e-sports tournaments.

BOE also announced its first 110-inch 8K 120Hz display panel. The company did not provide any further details on both products yet, such as connectivity options, release date, or the price.

With years of technology accumulation, BOE has made important breakthroughs in the field of oxide semiconductor display technology, overcoming industry problems such as copper (Cu) easy to diffuse, easy to oxidize, and easy to drill and engrave, and is the first in the industry to achieve mass production of copper interconnect stack structures. , and the integration of high refresh rate, high resolution, low power consumption oxide display technology, breaking the foreign monopoly, and continue to launch low power consumption, ultra-narrow bezel, 500Hz+ gaming display, super-sized 8K Oxide 120Hz, A series of high-end technologies and products such as frequency conversion refresh rate display. At the same time, great breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of high mobility 30+ cm 2 / Vsoxide technology, which has laid a technical foundation for the subsequent performance improvement of high-end products.

— BOE (Machine Translation)

Source: BOE via WccftechVideocardz



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