F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG URBANITE Edition Makes a Welcome Comeback


In early 2016, Sennheiser teamed up with Swiss accessory manufacturer FREITAG to create the F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG – a limited edition of the audio specialist’s award-winning URBANITE headphones, each of them turned into a unique model by FREITAG, with bold colored swatches of recycled truck tarpaulins covering the headband. Now the collaboration continues with the release of a new edition of these one-of-a-kind headphones.
F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG URBANITE headphones represent the ultimate fusion of high fidelity and high individuality. FREITAG – creators of iconic messenger bags made from recycled truck tarpaulins – and audio specialist Sennheiser are teaming up once again, creating unique versions of Sennheiser’s URBANITE Black on-ear headphones, with boldly-colored swatches of tarpaulin used to ensure that no two pairs will be alike. To complete the unique look, the headphones come in a sturdy case, manufactured from the same piece of tarpaulin featured on the headbands.
“URBANITE headphones are the definitive choice for great sound, deep bass, and rugged style on the move. Our first collaboration with FREITAG showed that customers loved making this choice even more personal – defining their own style with a unique model, unique colors, and a unique energy,” commented Oliver Berger, Head of Global Design Management at Sennheiser. “We are truly thrilled to continue this creative journey with FREITAG.”
“It is very exciting to be working with Sennheiser again to create a new generation of these individualized headphones as they celebrate this place where design and music come together”, explains Oliver Brunschwiler, Head of Brand at FREITAG.

The F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG models come in a collapsible on-ear design constructed from durable, high-quality materials. The distinctive, individual colors of the recycled truck tarpaulin used on the headband contrasts with the URBANITE’s tough-looking stainless steel hinges and aluminum sliders. Each headphone will also have a sturdy travel case, crafted from the same swatch of tarp for a matched look that is unique to each set.
Alongside cool style, the URBANITE delivers an intense club sound on the move. Listeners can enjoy massive bass, with Sennheiser’s audio expertise ensuring excellent clarity through the entire frequency range. The models’ super soft ear pads insulate the listener from external noise and provide great comfort for even long periods of use.
The new edition of F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG is available at FREITAG stores, at selected FREITAG dealers and at www.freitag.ch. It is also available at Sennheiser’s Soundscape and Pop-Up store locations in New York City (below), and at Sennheiser’s stores in Berlin, Wedemark and Singapore

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