iRig Keys 2 Mini – MIDI Controller You can Plug into your iPhone

iRig Keys 2 Mini is an ultra-compact MIDI keyboard controller that’s compatible for the latest mobile devices, and offers full MIDI input and output, as well as multiple power options.

Taken from Engadget … iRig is no stranger to the world of portable MIDI controllers. And, frankly, there’s no shortage of great keyboards out there that will fit neatly into your backpack. But IK Multimedia was one of the earlier brands to start building music-making gear specifically with the iPhone and iPad in mind. And the new iRig Keys 2 continues to improve on the formula they set forth with the original models.

The Mini is the latest member of the family. Physically it’s nothing surprising — 25 mini keys, four user programable knobs and slimmed down case with a fresh coat of paint. (The older versions weren’t exactly what you’d call stylish.)



The Mini model does ditch the pitch and mod wheels of it’s bigger siblings to save space, but it manages to squeeze in TRS MIDI in and out, plus an audio out jack, which is huge for those that don’t want to deal with the potential latency introduced by using Bluetooth when composing.

The iRig Keys 2 Mini is available now for $99.

Source: Engadget


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