MikMe Pocket – The Bluetooth Lavalier Mic That Offers Pro Recording

This lavalier mic could be the perfect mic for mobile recording … vloggers take note!

For the past five years, Mikme has been chasing the dream of perfect mobile audio recording. Its first product was an excellent wireless microphone that automatically synchronized with your video recordings on iOS and Android devices. Now, the company is turning that box into something that you can easily hide from the camera. The Mikme Pocket is its spin on a wireless lavalier (or “lav”), those tiny microphones you typically see attached to talk show hosts and broadcast reporters to capture everything they say. It’ll still do the hard work of syncing up its high quality audio with your mobile videos, but now you can clip the microphone on your shirt, stuff the recorder in your pocket, and shoot more like a professional.



… allowing you to capture high-quality 44.1kHz/24-bit dialog wirelessly over Bluetooth, while also keeping your hands free. It’s less complex than existing wireless lav solutions, which typically require a receiver connected to your camera. And of course, the Pocket is a capable standalone recorder, with the ability to capture up to 96kHz/24-bit quality on 16GB of internal storage. That means you’ll be able to use it for higher-end video products, as well.

Mikme has already raised nearly $70,000 for the Pocket on Kickstarter, and it still has 28 days left to go on its campaign. You can snag the standard version of the device for around $284, or pay $329 to get a better lav mic. And if you want to go all out, there’s the professional kit with two Mikme Pockets for around $660. All of the bundles will cost around 30 percent more once the Mikme Pocket hits retail, so there’s an incentive to jump in early. The company plans to start shipping the Pocket to backers this December, and we’re hoping to test it out before then.

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