2018’s Best Car Technology

When looking for a car, one of the main aspects for some is the technology in it With plenty of elements that are being implemented to increase the overall driving experience there is an increase on ensuring that the driving experience is as safe as possible through the implementation of high tech technology with car companies such as Tesla and Jeep leading the way cars are becoming more and more intelligent. Here we are going to look at 2018’s best car technology and how it is helping to improve driver experience.

Smart Parking Assist

With new technology and a multitude of sensors, struggling to park in that tight spot is a thing of the past. The car will take over and allow you to park anywhere that you want. This is an amazing piece of tech for those of us that struggle with this aspect of driving as it takes away stresses that could otherwise be avoided and with another tech such as reversing sensors you can be sure that you are parking safely at all times. This technology can also benefit those who live in built-up areas as it allows you to park within those hard to reach spots without holding up traffic, making your all round driving experience far more enjoyable.

Autonomous Driving

Although this is only in the very beginning stages of its capability this piece of technology is extremely useful. With big name companies such as Tesla and Jeep leading the way in self-driving technology, we are only at the beginning of how autonomous driving can enhance our experience on the road. It comes in many forms such as cruise control which is common in most modern cars, however, there is also the implementation of lane monitoring. Lane monitoring tracks the car that it in front of you and automatically ensures that you are a safe distance from that car. This is beneficial for drivers as it has the potential to limit the number of accidents that occur on the road and ensure that any unnecessary accidents are prevented.


Wireless Charging

Although this is common technology outside of the world of cars, it has only just begun to be implemented within our trusty vehicles. This is not only saving space but it is also making the internal environment of your car much safer as it is reducing the number of wires that are found within the car. This not only makes the car safer for the driver but it makes it look cleaner and reduces the risk of theft as wires often indicate that technology is left in the car. Wireless charging also reduces the need to look at your phone as it will sit within a designated area and charge, this will then help to reduce the number of people that look at their phone whilst driving.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Similar to that of autonomous driving cars are now fitted with additional sensors, these sensors not only rack where your car is on the road but they also track the blind spots that you have. This, therefore, makes the driving experience much safer as you are more likely to be alerted to any passing motorcyclists or vehicles that are sat in your blind spot. This, therefore, has the potential to reduce the number of accidents that take place on the road and allow the driver to ensure that they are driving in the safest way possible.

As the automotive industry continues to expand and the use of technology continues to grow there is something for everyone no matter which car brand you decide to choose. Enjoy!


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