Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept Electric Vehicle Expected 2025

I guess you have to wait 5 more years … plenty of time to save up for it 😛

Taken from Engadget … Now that it’s back in the black, Bentley is busily planning its move into the electric car segment. The company’s chief executive shed light on how his team will link the past and the future.

When it comes to new products, company boss Adrian Hallmark told Automotive News Europe that “it’s all about electrification.” The first Bentley with a plug is the Bentayga Hybrid unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Looking ahead, an electric car will join the range, but executives haven’t decided what form it will take, or what it will be powered by. Several options remain on the table. What’s certain is that Bentley won’t stuff an electric powertrain into one of the cars in its current portfolio.



“We could take one of the existing nameplates, and that could be the first electric car, but we wouldn’t take an existing car and try to fit batteries into it, because there’s a compromise from a range and efficiency point of view,” Hallmark explained. The challenge isn’t simply to make an electric Bentley; the British firm wants to ensure its first battery-powered model credibly lives up to the badge on its nose. That means it needs to blend effortless power with an acceptable amount of driving range.

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