Cadillac’s First EV – Lyriq Crossover

Finally, Cadillac’s First EV – Lyriq Crossover will be on the road around 2023. 

Taken from Engadget … Cadillac has been making automobiles for well over a century but on Thursday evening the carmaker unveiled its first vehicle produced that lacks an internal combustion engine. Say hello to the Lyriq.

While many folks associate still Cadillac with its gas-guzzling Escalade SUV, the company has been charged with spearheading parent-company General Motor’s multibillion dollar push towards battery powered transportation. The Hummer SUV is already getting an EV reboot for 2022 and GM is also reportedly working on an all-electric pickup that could be released as early as next year.

The Lyriq will make its street debut in 2023 and serve as the first platform for GM’s “Ultium” scalable battery system which can provide anywhere from 50KwH to 200 KwH of power. This is the same architecture that will reportedly be utilized by the Hummer as well as the as-of-yet unnamed electric pickup, and is expected to deliver around 400 miles of travel on a single charge. The Ultium uses a novel NCMA (nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum) chemistry, enabling GM to cut back on its cobalt use (which is super, duper toxic) by a whopping 70 percent compared to its current generation of batteries.

For the Lyric itself, Cadillac is dropping in a 100KwH pack that will offer a range of around 300 miles. It can recharge using Level 1, Level 2 AC technology or DC Fast Charging stations. As for drivetrain options, the Lyriq will be available as RWD standard with an AWD option.

The Lyriq may be Cadillac’s first EV model but it will soon have plenty of company. GM hopes to have nearly two dozen electrified models available by 2023. They’ll compete with the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, the Audi E-Tron, and Tesla Model X in the luxury automotive market. There’s no word yet on what the Lyriq will cost.

Source: Engadget


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