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I’ve always loved Ford’s Mustang … these cars look awesome. Engadget gets their hands on one …

Nostalgia is powerful — it’s why we still have Star Wars movies. It’s the reason everyone loves the 80s and if you’ve ever talked to someone about their favorite music, it’s usually from bands that came out while they were in high school. So when Ford announced its special edition Mustang Bullitton the 50th anniversary of the movie that starred Steve McQueen — and contains arguably one of the best car chase scenes in cinematic history — the general consensus was “well of course they did.”

Fortunately for car and movie buffs, Ford did something great. It created a special edition that, at its core, is the new Mustang GT (a great car) but better. Starting at $46,595 the Bullitt is about $7,000 more than the GT. Remember, Nostalgia is powerful. Powerful enough to suck a big chunk of money out of your wallet because you want to be Steve McQueen cool.

Let’s nip that in the bud right now. You’re not Steve McQueen cool. I’m sorry. None of us are. Let’s accept that and move on.

So what are you getting for that extra $7,000? For starters, there’s the beautiful Dark Highland Green paint job that matches the car from the movie. I want it on all my cars now and forever. You can also get the car in Shadow Black. Which is nice, but this is the Bullitt car. Painting it black is blasphemy. Go green or go home.



  • More horsepower and and higher top speed than the Mustang GT
  • The best looking Mustang available right now
  • Sync 3 is still great
  • Only available as a six-speed manual with a cue ball shifter
  • Quiet exhaust mode will make the neighbors happy 


  • Premium price tag
  • Still using faux-metal plastic toggle switches
  • If you can’t drive a manual transmission you’re out of luck
  • You’ll never be as cool as Steve McQueen


A special edition Mustang at a premium price that’s sure to appease film and car fans. The more powerful engine, design and the chance to pretend you’re Steve McQueen make it worth the price for these folks. Everyone else might be better suited with the Mustang GT.

Source: Engadget


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