Honda E – The Electric Vehicle That Will Give You 124 Miles From a Single Charge

Not bad 124 miles from a single charge. Good for short trips and town driving … 

Honda unveiled its new electric car, the tiny and adorable Honda E, earlier this year, but details have been few and far between. It’s slowly drip-fed features including side cameras instead of mirrors and a faux-wood paneled dashboard, but now the company is ready to share more, revealing some key specifications about the car including battery capacity and weight distribution.

The company says power will be delivered through the rear wheels and feature four-wheel independent suspension that should make the ride more comfortable. The battery will also be located in the center of the car and below the floor, meaning the center of gravity will be low and the weight of the car will be distributed evenly between front and back, giving more stability and better traction.

The 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery powering the car can be charged using a Type 2 AC connection or a CCS2 DC rapid charger. Charging will be fast, reaching 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes.

The car will have a range of over 124 miles, which should be more than enough for trips around town although not enough for traveling long distances. But if you’re looking for a small commuter car for the city, the E could fill that need.

Source: Honda via Engadget


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