Kia Imagine EV will be in Production by 2021

Taken from EngadgetKia’s Imagine EV won’t remain a concept for too much longer. European operations chief Emilio Herrera told Automotive News in an interview that a production version of the crossover should arrive in 2021. He didn’t say how the street-going car would differ, although we’d expect it to be wildly toned down compared to the version that debuted in Geneva. Those 21 displays, the aircraft-style steering column and giant wheels likely aren’t long for this world.

The Korean automaker is also poised to roll out an EV-only architecture it’ll share with its sibling brand Hyundai. That should deliver faster and longer-ranged cars than existing models like the Niro EV and Soul EV. In the interview, Herrera mentioned that Kia would have a hydrogen fuel cell car by late 2020 or early 2021.

Whether or not the Imagine comes stateside isn’t certain. It’s characterized as a “large C-segment car” (think Volkswagen Golf), and that may be a tougher sell in an SUV- and truck-oriented market like the US. Kia will want to electrify more of its lineup to meet emissions targets, though, so it’s hard to completely rule out an American launch.

Source: Autoblog via Engadget


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