Lexus LF-Z EV Concept

This car does look pretty slick … but I wonder how well it’ll drive. Lexus estimates a 0-62MPH time of three seconds with a range of 373 miles using a 90kWh battery, but no mention of top speed.

Taken from Engadget … Lexus hasn’t been all that enthusiastic about electric cars — it unveiled its first in late 2019, and even then was selling a repurposed version of an existing car to a limited audience. The Toyota-owned brand is ready to deepen its commitment to EVs, though. It just introduced an LF-Z Electrified concept car that hints at where the badge will go with EV design.

The concept offers a clue as to the “simple and captivating” look Lexus wants for EVs, but the most important features are unsurprisingly inside. A new four-wheel drive technology, Direct4, promises finer control over the electric motors that both adapts to different situations and offers brisk performance — Lexus estimates a 0-62MPH time of three seconds. The company also expects a healthy (though not stunning) 373 miles of range from the 90kWh battery, which is laid out longitudinally to stiffen the chassis and keep the cabin quiet.


Source: Engadget


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