Lotus Evija Can be Fully Charged in 9 Minutes

Woah! Fully charged in 9 minutes?! 

Lotus decided to make its latest hypercar not only all-electric but also incredibly powerful. The Evija is the company’s first car with an electrified powertrain, which translates into a disgusting amount of power (2,000 PS or roughly 1973 in horsepower).

For Lotus, the car represents a new beginning. CEO Phil Popham said the Evija will “re-establish our brand in the hearts and minds of sports car fans.” For everyone else, it’s a car that wants to go toe-to-toe with Tesla’s Roadster in every way possible. Except for affordability.

This is apparently what you get when you pay £1.7 million (over $2.1 million) for your next EV.

… Lotus says it can go from 0-62MPH in under three seconds and hit speeds of over 200MPH. Lotus’ Evija will take nine seconds to hit roughly 187MPH.

Source: Engadget


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