Lucid Touring EV will Cost $77,400 – A Direct Competitor to Tesla Model S

Could this cause problems for Tesla?  Lucid’s EV will be in direct competition with Tesla Model S. Let the fight begin!

Taken from EngadgetLucid has announced how much it’ll cost for (us normal) folks to buy its new EV, with the base model Air setting you back $77,400. Naturally, that price will fall to $69,900 if, or when, you apply the federal EV tax credit, before you start adding optional extras. For that cash, you’ll get a vehicle with a single, 480 horsepower motor and an estimated range of 406 miles on a charge. You’ll get the benefits of Lucid’s EV architecture, including fast charging and the ability to power your home with your car. Customers who reserve their car now will also get three years’ complimentary charging at Electrify America stations across the US.

In keeping with its aim of building a luxury EV on the footprint of a regular sedan, doesn’t talk about optional extras. Instead, it discusses the “luxurious appointments” you can make to the car, including an animal-free interior trim, 34-inch display and a larger frunk. The company is also throwing in the DreamDrive ADAS system as standard, which it claims will set a “new benchmark” for driver aids.

The base model will have a single motor powertrain, but you can also spec it with a dual motor, all-wheel-drive edition as well. Naturally that’ll push the price towards the next model in the range, the Lucid Air Touring. For a starting price of $87,500 (before the EV tax credit is applied) you’ll get a dual 620 horsepower motor, all-wheel-drive edition with the same 406 miles of range and three years of complimentary charging. You’ll also get some better “appointments,” including a glass canopy roof and a wider variety of interiors.

Source: Engadget


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