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I’m in love … 

The Proactive Chassis Control II suspension system was part of a five-year Ph.D. course at Cambridge University. Whatever those nerds were doing during that time, it worked. 

That suspension system sits in McLaren’s 720S supercar (starting at $288,845). A vehicle that’ll take you from zero to 60 in a passenger-yelping 2.7 seconds. It’s quick, handles superbly (thanks to that Cambridge course) and looks outstanding. In fact, my only real disappointment behind the wheel of the 720S was that I was trapped on public roads.

When you drive a car that’s built by a company that’s firmly rooted in Formula One racing, you expect something special. The 720S easily serves up a driving experience that matches the sleek exterior of the vehicle. During the few times I was able to find a patch of open road and unleash the twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8, the 710-horsepower and 568 foot-pounds of torque planted me firmly into my seat.

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