Volvo Unveils The Fully Electric XC40 EV – Offering 402 Horsepower

A fully electric vehicle by Volvo … must be safe as houses.

Not to be outdone by its electrified-performance sibling Polestar, Volvo today unveiled its all-wheel-drive (AWD) XC40 Recharge pure EV at an event in Los Angeles. The car looks exactly like its gas-powered counterpart and will house a 78kWh battery pack underneath the passenger area. This isn’t the first time this vehicle has been used by the automaker to introduce a new technology or service. Care by Volvo was initially available only for the XC40.

Plus, if you’re going to introduce an EV that will sell well in the United States, making sure it’s an SUV or crossover is a bit of a no brainer. The sedan market continues to shrink as Americans opt for larger and taller vehicles.

While we still have to wait for EPA tests for an official range, Volvo is targeting over 200 miles of mixed driving between charges. The XC40 EV will support DC fast-charging port and says it can be charged to 80 percent from zero in 40 minutes. In a bit of a surprise, the dual motors will output 402 horsepower and 486 foot-pounds of torque. More powerful than expected for a small SUV. The zero-to-60 time will be 4.7 seconds. Not exactly a drag racer, but still quick.

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As for the XC40 Recharge, it’ll start under $48,000 after federal tax credits and land in showrooms by the end of 2020. If you’re interested you can place a $1,000 deposit now on Volvo’s site.

Source: Engadget


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