CHERRY Launches MW 9100 and MC 2.1 Mice

CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices from Germany, is starting the new year 2022 with the first two product presentations. From now on, two new computer mice will expand the product range: the CHERRY MW 9100 and the CHERRY MC 2.1.

The resolution of the CHERRY MW 9100 can be adjusted in 3 stages. At the push of a button, you can switch between 1000, 1600 and 2400 dpi using the DPI button. If the status LED indicates that the battery level is low, the mouse can be charged using the included USB-C cable and you can continue working in a relaxed manner. A charge of the lithium battery lasts for several weeks.

For maximum flexibility, the wireless PC mouse can be connected to a terminal device via Bluetooth or via the 2.4 GHz wireless receiver. A slide switch on the bottom of the mouse allows you to switch between these connection types, with transmission using AES-128 encryption in both cases. The CHERRY MW 9100 can be stored in the enclosed transport bag during transport. The USB receiver is magnetically stored in the mouse.



As a gaming mouse for right-handers, the CHERRY MC 2.1 fits perfectly in the hand – with the focus on ergonomics and performance. The silicone pads with their subtle surface structure are particularly pleasant to the touch. The PC mouse with its extra flexible cable, reduced weight and large sliding pads can be easily moved over the surfaces.

A special highlight is the rubberized, translucent mouse wheel with feeler ribs for the best possible grip. Since it is transparent, the entire color spectrum with 16.8 million colors (RGB) and various lighting effects comes into its own. The precise 5000 dpi Pixart sensor can be adjusted in increments directly using the dpi switch on the mouse.

The CHERRY UTILITY software, which can be called up by clicking on the CHERRY button, provides further setting options. The software makes it possible to freely program and store individual user profiles.

CHERRY is proud that after the MX 2.0S* keyboard and the HC 2.2 headset, the CHERRY MC 2.1 mouse has now also received the same award from the German Design Awards. The headset and mouse received the German Design Award 2022 in the prestigious category “Excellent Product Design – Computer and Communication”. Our customers can use it to combine award-winning and aesthetically pleasing branded products into a uniform and harmonious appearance. In the best German engineering tradition, the MC 2.1 mouse, the HC 2.2 headset and the MX 2.0S* keyboard from CHERRY not only offer excellent design, but also outstanding performance and precision.

* Currently only available in Asia

The CHERRY MW 9100 with an RRP of EUR 34.99 and the CHERRY MC 2.1 with an RRP of EUR 29.99 are available now.

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