Cooler Master Launches the CMP 520 and CMP 320 ATX and m-ATX Gaming Chassis

Cooler Master launches today a new, affordable gaming chassis design in the CMP product line. With both ATX and m-ATX form factors available for the user’s selection, CMP 520 and CMP 320 offer high value, large intakes and stunning light effects to satisfy your gaming needs without breaking the bank.

The CMP 520 and CMP 320 cases feature a geode mesh front panel design inspired by the asymmetrical beauty of crystal formations. Crisp geometric lines make up a bold outlook, framing the system neatly like a work of art. The center of the front panel is composed of stylized FineMesh, designed to simultaneously allow plenty of airflow, filter dust and enhance the radiating glow of the pre-installed ARGB fans.

The new CMP cases will also feature for the first time an exclusive fan set, designed for simplified management of ARGB lighting effects as well as streamlined installation*. Users will be able to select lighting effects at a click of a button or customize in depth by connecting the fan set to the motherboard. Both cases can house upwards of six fans in total, and boasts ample clearance for the most up to date hardware components and future upgrades.



ARGB Fans Included – Pre-installed 120mm ARGB fans ensure stunning aesthetics, eye-catching design, and thermal excellence.

CMP 520: Three fans included.

CMP 320: Two fans included.

Mesh Geode Front Panel – Inspired by clean-cut, asymmetrical crystal formations, the mesh front panel offers generous intake as well as efficient dust filtration.

Versatile Cooling Options – Support for up to six fans and front, top, and rear radiator support ensure that performance is not compromised.

Full Black Coating & PSU Cover – Let your system stand out with an all-black background and a PSU cover to hide cables.

Room For Upgrades – Provides ample clearance for hardware upgrades to stay ahead of the game.

CMP 520: Up to 350mm graphics cards, 161mm CPU cooler, and multiple fans/radiator locations.

CMP 320: Up to 365mm graphics cards, 163.5mm CPU cooler, and multiple fans/radiator locations.

Breathable Power Supply Shroud (Included with CMP 520 only) – The PSU cover is ventilated on top of the power supply location, this allows actively cooled units to be installed either with the fan facing the top or bottom, also with the possibility of installing passively cooled power supplies.


The CMP 520 will be available for US$89.99 MSRP. Price and availability may vary per region.

Product Page:

The CMP 320 will be available for US$79.99 MSRP. Price and availability may vary per region.

Product Page:

*Disclaimer: Fan sets come pre-installed and are intended to work as an ecosystem. Cooler Master does not recommend removal or otherwise tampering with the individual fan components.

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