Ducky Announces 8K Ducky One 3 Pro Nazca Line and Zero 6108 Mechanical Keyboards

DuckyChannel International Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer dedicated to delivering professional-grade mechanical keyboards and mice, is Introducing the new One 3 Pro mechanical keyboard series. Expanding on the success of its predecessor, the One 3 Pro Nazca Line showcases Ducky’s innovative QUACK Mechanics design philosophy, enhancing our already distinguished features. Packed with enticing new features, the One 3 Pro promises to elevate the typing experience to unprecedented heights. Ducky is thrilled for everyone to discover the unparalleled typing experience from the very first touch of the keyboard!



One 3 Pro Series Mechanical Keyboard
8K Polling Rate
The frequency at which the keyboard reports to the computer. A higher polling rate results in lower input lag. Ducky One 3 Pro Nazca Line delivers inputs with an 8,000 Hz polling rate for optimal performance. Faster polling rates mean that keystrokes are detected more quickly, resulting in less lag and fewer missed keystrokes. This can be particularly important in fast-paced typing situations, such as gaming or coding, where even a slight delay or missed keystrokes can be costly.

Triple-Shot PBT Keycaps
Ducky spares no expense and undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, utilizing triple-shot molding technology to offer users high-quality, durable PBT keycaps. In addition to extending the lifespan of the keycaps, this also ensures superior typing experience and stability.

The triple-shot method involves using three different colors of plastic. The second and third plastics are injected into the first mold to fill up the space of the keycap, allowing legends to never fade away even after years of excessive use.

South-Facing Switch Design
Diverging from the typical north-facing RGB lighting found in conventional mechanical keyboards, the One 3 Pro Nazca Line stands out with south-facing RGB lighting designed for custom mechanical enthusiasts. This choice is favored by custom keyboard builders as it provides better visibility of the backlight. Additionally, south-facing switches ensure full compatibility with the majority of keycaps available in the market, allowing the use of any type of keycaps without any interference.

Dive into a world where mechanical brilliance meets innovation. CHERRY, synonymous with unparalleled precision and trust, presents the MX2A – our latest testament to evolving technology and engineering excellence. Rooted in the legacy of MX switches and elevated by modern advancements, the MX2A offers a tactile experience that’s both profound and peerless.

Zero 6108 Series Mechanical Keyboard
With its tri-mode connectivity, hot-swap technology, RGB LED backlighting and premium keycaps, the Zero 6108 redefines what a mechanical keyboard can be. Whether for work or play, we believe the Zero 6108 will elevate your typing experience to new heights. It offers 2 colorways, Classic Black and Pure White, 2 simplicity for users to match their setup.

Tri-mode Connectivity
The Zero 6108 features tri-mode connectivity, offering users unprecedented flexibility. With options for USB Type-C cable, 2.4 GHz wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity, users can seamlessly switch between devices without compromising on performance or reliability. Whether gaming, typing, or working on multiple devices, the Zero 6108 ensures a smooth and uninterrupted connection every time.

Hotswap Technology
Designed for ultimate customization, the Zero 6108 comes equipped with hotswap technology, allowing users to effortlessly swap out switches without soldering. Tailor your typing experience to suit your preferences, whether it’s for gaming, typing, or programming, with ease and convenience.

OEM PBT Double-shot Keycaps
Experience unparalleled durability and comfort with the Zero 6108’s OEM PBT double-shot keycaps. Constructed from premium materials, these keycaps offer a superior typing experience, resistant to wear, fading, and shine. Say goodbye to worn-out key legends and hello to long-lasting performance.

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