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EK Wins Best Custom Coolers at EHA Reader Awards 2023

EK, the renowned manufacturer of premium PC water cooling equipment, is pleased to unveil its latest accolade: the prestigious EHA Reader Awards 2023 for Best Custom Coolers. EK earned this award thanks to its innovative custom liquid cooling product line, Quantum, which elevates both performance and aesthetics to new heights.

These coveted awards owe their existence to the discerning readers of nine influential European technology publications, with a total audience of 20 million. This dedicated readership of enthusiasts, gamers, early adopters, and influencers has been the driving force behind the nominations and votes that culminated in this honor.

Earlier this year, the EK-Quantum Velocity² CPU water block secured the European Hardware Award for Best Custom Cooling, reinforcing EK’s commitment to delivering top-tier cooling solutions for PC enthusiasts.



Empowering PC Enthusiasts With EK-Matrix7
Beyond the accolades and recognition, EK is dedicated to advancing the PC-building experience for enthusiasts. This commitment is exemplified by introducing the EK-Matrix7 standard, a revolutionary concept designed to simplify and improve the loop-building experience.

As PC enthusiasts and modders know, assembling a liquid cooling system can be meticulous and demanding. With the EK-Matrix7 standard, EK aimed to change the game by standardizing liquid cooling components’ dimensions, port positions, and spacing.

Liquid Cooling Streamlined
The EK-Matrix7 introduces a level of standardization previously unseen in the custom water cooling industry. All products adhering to this standard are designed with increments of 7mm. For example, extender fittings are available in heights of 7, 14, and 28mm, while radiators come in thicknesses of 30, 44, and 58mm.

Simply put, Matrix7 streamlines the compatibility of components. Let’s say you want to use a 58mm thick EK-Quantum Surface X radiator. Pairing it with a Quantum Torque 90° angled rotary fitting will align perfectly with the ports on any Quantum Reflection² distribution plate. Alternatively, if you opt for a 44mm thick Quantum Surface P Series radiator and add a 14mm extender, your setup will reach the same 58mm height as with the X Series radiator. Similarly, incorporating 28mm extenders will achieve the desired 58mm height with an S Series radiator. This standardized approach ensures that components work seamlessly together, eliminating the need for complex calculations and custom adjustments.

One of the key goals of EK-Matrix7 is to combine simplicity with aesthetics. Enthusiasts often face the challenge of tube bending to align components, resulting in a tedious and time-consuming process. With EK-Matrix7, this challenge becomes a thing of the past.

EK’s dedication to innovation and excellence in PC liquid cooling is not limited to receiving awards but extends to empowering PC enthusiasts. With the EK-Matrix7 standard and Quantum product lineup, the company is reshaping the landscape of custom liquid cooling, making it more accessible, efficient, and visually appealing. As EK Water Blocks continues to push boundaries, the PC building community can look forward to creating exceptional liquid-cooled builds in a straightforward, enjoyable, and rewarding way.

Please visit the official European Hardware Awards website for additional insights into the nomination process, selection criteria, and a comprehensive list of award recipients.

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