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FSP to Demonstrate Green Power Technology at COMPUTEX

As one of the world’s leading power supply manufacturers, FSP group is celebrating its 30th year and has announced that it will introduce a series of power supply products at COMPUTEX Taipei from May 30, 2023 to June 2, 2023 to demonstrate its green power technology and to foster sustainable values for products and the environment. FSP is set to showcase its ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen5 compatible power supply series, exclusive pre-installed cable design cases, and cooling products for gamers in its B2C product range. The booth will also include a Power Supply Zone for edge computing applications, a PD Charger Zone, a Microgrid Energy Storage System Zone, and a Battery Charger Zone.



Booth Highlights:

<Retail Zone> Efficient and Silent Performance Designed for Pro Gamers
As the demand for highly detailed graphics in gaming experiences increases, FSP recognizes that gamers are looking for high-performance, low-noise power supplies.

To demonstrate the latest PSU specifications, FSP Group will showcase 1650W 80 Plus Platinum power supplies compatible with INTEL ATX3.0 and PCIe Gen 5, 1200W 80 Plus Platinum high-efficiency small form factor power supplies, and the ‘ATX12VO’ power supply specification in partnership with Intel.
In addition, the flagship computer case CUT593, delivered with an exclusive pre-installed cable design to help players easily create a clean and tidy interior space, will also be on display at the FSP group’s COMPUTEX 2023 showcase.

Furthermore, FSP Retail Team announces Company’s Entry into the Cooler Market! FSP Group has acquired a team of technical experts with decades of expertise in computer cooling technology. With their expert knowledge, FSP looks forward to launching the flagship MX09, a new air-cooled device with excellent cooling performance and easy installation. With silence, heat cooling, and elegance as the essence of the product, FSP is well poised to take the market by storm!

In addition, the HYDRO Ti PRO power supply, which holds the Cybenetics Lambda A++ Noise Level certification award, will also be a special highlight of the show.

FSP has invited a world-famous PC modder to modify their HYDRO Ti PRO PSU with the 30th-anniversary special edition theme, which will surely be an exciting opportunity to look forward to.

Edge Computing Power Supply Application Power Supply is the key hardware for edge computing applications
FSP’s industrial power supplies, redundant power supplies, open frame, and adapter are widely used in edge computing applications, including smart cities, smart factories, smart offices, and smart homes. It’s suitable not only for large data centers, but also for small end-user computing devices. These new power supplies feature high power density, intelligence, high efficiency, and lightning protection to provide stable power for a variety of edge computing applications.
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PD Charger Zone One device to meet the charging needs of multiple devices
This year’s FSP booth will showcase the new PD charger series of products, with power from 30W-240W, including wall plug and desktop models, cable integrated and non-cable integrated models. All products meet IEC 62368 standards and pass global mainstream safety certification. They also achieve the highest level of energy consumption by complying with the United States Department of Energy’s DoE Level Ⅵ and the European Union’s CoC Tier2. Various standard and customized specifications are available to fulfill all requirements of our customers’ end mobile devices.
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Microgrid Energy Storage System Zone Sustainable Energy Storage Systems Solutions
FSP is actively engaged in the research and development of hybrid energy storage systems (HESS) to find better and more sustainable energy solutions. The design adopts solar inverters and battery storage systems to provide smart energy solutions. The modular design of this smart energy storage system significantly reduces power line losses and provides a high degree of versatility for series-parallel combinations. It is suitable for applications in different fields such as residential homes, commercial offices, buildings and factories, realizing the vision of green power generation and smart power consumption.
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Battery Charger Zone Customized Battery Charging Applications
FSP has entered the battery charger sector, and offers a wide range of battery charger solutions. Suitable for 7S-16S battery pack, output power from 59W-3.3KW, including off-board chargers and on-board chargers. We provide customized services for a variety of applications based on different battery specifications, environmental conditions and safety requirements.
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2023 COMPUTEX FSP Booth Info
Date: May 30 to June 2, 2023
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1)
Booth number: L0411a (4F)
Conference Room No.: 503 (5F)

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