Add Eye Tracking to Your HTC Vive Headset For $149

VR fans … this is for you!

VR companies have been hyping up eye tracking for years, yet even today, options are limited when it comes to VR headsets with integrated eye-tracking — namely the HTC Vive Pro Eye we first saw back at CES. Thankfully, a Chinese company dubbed 7invensun is soon offering a $149 upgrade kit that will let existing HTC headsets gain the same feature. Not bad considering the Vive Pro Eye costs $1,599. Pre-orders will commence in mid-November, followed by shipment in December.

Since our first encounter back in 2017, 7invensun received funding from HTC’s Vive X accelerator and eventually delivered its third-generation eye-tracking add-on, the Droolon F1. This is apparently more compact and easier to install than the earlier versions, and it runs off a USB cable that you plug into the headset — be it a Vive Cosmos, Vive Focus Plus, Vive Focus or the original Vive aka Vive CE. This kit tracks your eyes at 120Hz, though it can be customized to go up to 240Hz.

Source: Engadgetikanchai


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