Analogue Portable Pocket Console Delayed Until May 2021

If this little gadget plays ALL my favorite classics … then I’ll be getting one for sure! The only sad things is … it’s delayed until 2021 🙁

Taken from Engadget … It’s been nine months since Analogue announced the Pocket, a $199 portable console that can play Game Boy, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx games from original cartridges. The console was scheduled to launch in 2020, but Analogue now says, due to the “unfortunate global state of affairs and supply chain challenges,” the retro portable will ship in May 2021. 

The Pocket, like all of Analogue’s consoles, is built around a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip. While all-in-one retro consoles typically run games through software emulation, Analogue programs an FPGA core to mimic the original circuitry of a console. This FPGA can then play cartridges directly as if it were the official hardware.

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 … The last major update from Analogue is a partnership with GB Studio. GB Studio is a “drag-and-drop” game creation tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. The main outcome of the partnership is that you’ll be able to export GB Studio creations as “.pocket” files, which will then run natively from a microSD card on the Pocket.

The Analogue Pocket and Dock will be available to pre-order on August 3rd at 8AM PT/11AM ET from Analogue’s store, priced at $199 and $99, respectively.

Source: Engadget


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