Aston Martin’s $74,000 ARM-C01 Racing Simulator

Only 150 of these luxury esports simulators will be made. If you’ve got the cash … then why not! Have a guess what type of processor and graphics card it will use?

Taken from Engadget … The pandemic and need for social distancing have pushed esports into the mainstream, and the world of car racing has taken note. First, NASCAR replaced its canceled races with pro-driven esports races, which broke viewing records. Now, not to be left in the dust, Aston Martin wants in on some of that action. Today, the company announced plans to build a $74,000 racing simulator. It is “the ultimate in luxury esports experiences” for people who have a little extra cash on hand.

The ARM-C01 is designed to match the Aston Martin aesthetic. It has a carbon fiber frame, Aston Martin racing grille and seating position that imitates the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The British company Curv Racing Simulators worked with Aston Martin to develop the racing tech. 

Snagging one of these racing simulators will cost you. The company plans to sell just 150 of them for a whopping £57,500 (about $74,000).

Aston Martin took a similar approach with its long-promised all-electric Rapid E. It said it would sell just 155 of those 604 HP EVs, but early this year, it scrapped plans for the vehicle. The company says it will begin delivering the ARM-C01 by the end of this year.

Source: Engadget


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