Ayn Odin Handheld Console – The Ultimate Gaming Handheld

You know I love gadgets … and this one looks so cool. The Ayn Odin handheld console comes in 3 flavors … Lite, Base and Pro. You can download the emulator and play all your classic games from PS1/N64/GameCube/Sega/PS2/GameBoy and more!

  Ayn Odin Lite Ayn Odin Base Ayn Odin Pro
Processor MediaTek Dimensity D900 Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
RAM/Storage 4GB/64GB 4GB/64GB 8GB/128GB
Battery capacity 5,000mAh 5,000mAh 6,000mAh
Price $200 $240 $290



Taken from Engadget … There are many, many ways to play retro games today. Plenty of those options are handhelds. But you might be surprised at how many of these devices feel jury rigged, cheap or often both. Worse, there’s a mishmash of open-source emulators running on a variety of operating systems to deal with, and all of the hardware is different — in short, emulation is a bit of a wild west sometimes.

What’s more, even the better handhelds usually only emulate up to around the PS1/N64 era. If you’re a fan of the GameCube or PS2 libraries, for example, the venn diagram of handhelds powerful enough that are well made and reasonably priced is effectively three separate circles. Maybe not for much longer thanks to the Odin by Ayn.

Yep, I hadn’t heard of ‘em either, but in the retro gaming scene that’s not uncommon. The Odin was launched on Indiegogo and instantly drew a lot of attention. The premise is simple, to bring the aforementioned venn diagram together and make a more cohesive retro (and even modern game) handheld.

The Odin gets off to a good start by effectively mimicking the Switch Lite form factor. Though the Odin’s screen is a shade larger (5.9 inches compared to Nintendo’s 5.5) and, at FHD, higher resolution. Anecdotally, most people who’ve held both find the Odin more comfortable and even prefer the latter’s analog sticks and D-pad which is not bad for a company new to the space.

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